Justin Bieber Calls for Comprehensive Laws following his Paparazzo’s Death

The Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber, is once again calling for more comprehensive laws regarding paparazzi rule following the death of a paparazzo who got struck and killed while snapping photos of his exotic car.

According to recent news reports, 26-year-old Chris Guerra was trying to capture some photos of Justin Bieber’s exotic white Ferrari Italia that was then pulled over by the California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles last Tuesday night.

Reports claimed that Guerra, a freelance photographer, pursued Bieber’s car that night upon his suspicion that Bieber was the one driving the white Ferrari while smoking pot. Unfortunately, the car was driven by the young singer’s friend, Lil Twist, during that time while Bieber was at Four Seasons Hotel.

In a statement released by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Guerra was twice asked by a highway patrol to get back to his car after he was noticed by the officer taking pictures close to the scene where Bieber’s car was pulled over by authorities.

The photographer appeared reluctant as he was returning to his vehicle, which caused him to miss the approaching vehicle, according to the LAPD officer. Guerra was accidentally struck and killed by the Toyota Highlander SUV as he was on his way back to his vehicle.

Guerra was transported to a hospital thereafter but unfortunately, he succumbed from the injuries he incurred from the incident.

Consequently, the incident has again prompted some big Hollywood stars who are often targeted by paparazzi, including Miley Cyrus and Bieber himself, to renew their calls for a more comprehensive paparazzi law. Unfortunately, the previous calls for a tougher rule had been hindered by First Amendment protections.

It can be remembered that this is not the first time that a paparazzi had put a celebrity’s life at risk, as well as the lives of highway patrol officers, innocent pedestrians, and motorists.

This year alone, Bieber had been into several paparazzi chase. Also, paparazzi were blamed for Katie Holmes’ and her daughter Suri Cruise’s minor car accident this year. Following that incident, Katie Holmes’ ex-husband and their daughter, Suri, were likewise involved in a dangerous high speed car chase brought by paparazzi.

Consequently, a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer here likewise agreed that a more comprehensive law can definitely reduce or prevent such fatalities and accidents involving celebrities and the paparazzi.

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