Justin Bieber’s Car Accident Rumors Debunked

Bieber fans rejoice! Your beloved Biebs is definitely alive and well.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Recently, tween-heartthrob was the subject of an internet hoax which claimed that he was involved in a car crash which broke his neck.

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Fortunately for many of his fans, there was no truth at all to the rumors. In fact, the 16-year old just posted a message on Twitter where he asked his fans to request for his song, “Somebody to Love” at their local radio stations. Nary a word about breaking his neck or even getting injured in a car accident. So yes, obviously, the Biebs is okay.

Justin Bieber is hardly the first celebrity subjected to car accident hoaxes, previously, a famous fatal car accident hoax involved rapper Kanye West.


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