Hollywood Action Legends Stuntmen: One Killed While One Sustained Serious Injury

Avi Lerner’s Nu Image / Millenium Films expressed their great regret after one of their stuntmen tragically died while the other one was critically injured during the filming of the movie, Expendables 2.

The Expendables 2, the sequel movie to Silvester Stallone’s surprise 2010 hit, Expendables is filming at Nu Boyana Studios in Lake Ognyanova, Bulgaria featuring Hollywood action legends Arnold Schwarzeneger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Jean – Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Jason Statham.

According to reports, one stuntman has been killed and the other one was critically injured following an accident with an explosion on the set of the said movie.

Casualties were confirmed by the Bulgarian television but initially did not give any identification of the same. However, later reports said that those stuntmen killed and injured in the accident were foreigners. They both originated from China.

In further investigation, casualties have been identified. One was Nuo Sun, who was critically injured and is now in stable condition while the other one Kun Lieu, is the one that was tragically killed from the incident.

Nu Image / Millenium Film is sending their condolences to the family of Kun Lieu and their sympathies as well to Nuo Sun. According to the said filming company, Nuo Sun is now receiving the best medical treatment and care for his personal injury he obtained from the accident.

The filming company had also spoken out about the delay of second unit filming but will resume in a short time and that they still continue to work out with the proper investigating authorities concerned in the accident.

There was no clear cause of the accident released as of the moment. It was not yet identified whether the accident was caused by general negligence or by construction mistake. The filming company may possibly face charges such as premises liability claim and others.

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