Heather Locklear Heaves a Sigh of Relief After Hit and Run Charges Dropped

Previously, HollywoodCrashes reported Heather Locklear’s arrest for a minor hit and run accident after the police traced it back to Locklear’s black 2005 BMW.

Heather Locklear

“Heather Locklear hit and run charges dropped.” (photo credit: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo)

The beleaguered blond, who already is under probation after a prior DUI and possession of a controlled substance arrest, has been let off the hook for having hit the “no parking” sign in Westlake, California.

Although the police have investigated the incident, they were not able to prove that Locklear was driving when the accident occurred. Thus, the Ventura County district attorney has dismissed the case citing “insufficient evidence” in establishing who drove the vehicle that night.

Locklear, who was facing jail time for the violation of her probation if proved to have been the driver in the hit and run accident can now breathe a sigh of relief.

In California, no matter how minor an accident is, whether you backed into a light post, or accidentally dented another vehicle, under the law, drivers must stop. Here’s a run-down of tips following a car accident.


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