George Michael Finally Hits Rehab After a DUI Crash for the Nth Time!

Finally, it seems that the threat of actual jail time is now pushing the beleaguered and car-accident plagued musician George Michael to clean up his act.

A few months ago, Hollywoodcrashes reported about George’s solo vehicle crash when he drove his SUV straight into a London store. As this is just one of the many car crashes he was involved in due to driving under the influence over the years, the judge said that jail time is likely. Last week, the British singer pleaded guilty to DUI of drugs and cannabis possession.

To help mitigate and cut back his looming jail time, George checked in a treatment facility for his addiction – this is long overdue and it is actually his first time to check into rehab.

The star checked in for a 14 day detox program in London which shall include drug counseling several times a week. In an open letter to his fans which was posted on his website, George thanked his fans for being so concerned and apologized, claiming that he now fully appreciates the seriousness of his condition.

Good luck to George! Fans all over the world believe that you will get through this problem and that you just gotta have faith!


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