Former NBA Player Faces Jail Time after Hit-and-run Crash

Images gives credit to Getty Images.

Images gives credit to Getty Images.

A former NBA player Ben Wallace is now facing jail time for pleading no contest in his hit-and-run car crash case.

Recent news reports have it that the former NBA stand-out received a one-year jail sentence, with all but two day suspended after entering no contest before the Henrico General District Court. In addition, he is also required to pay $500 as monetary relief.

Wallace was charged with hit-and-run after his car veered off the road and went through a wooden fence before it hit a tree where it eventually came to a stop. He left accident scene before the police arrived.

Under the Virginia hit-and-run law, any person who has been involved in a vehicle accident in which someone is killed, injured, uninjured, or in which an attended or unattended vehicle or property is damage shall immediately stop at the scene of the accident. The driver involved has to report his personal information to the state police or to a local law-enforcement agency.

Apparently, the said law isn’t far similar to California’s hit-and-run law, which strictly requires a driver who has been involved in a car crash to stop at the accident scene. Anyone who violates this law may be faced by imprisonment and monetary fine.


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