Entertainer Nancy Hays Recounts How She Survived Horrible Car Accident

Earlier this year, as most of the country’s regions were being overwhelmed by the unusual polar vertex, entertainer Nancy Hays commemorated the year being overly grateful for escaping a horrible car accident that almost claimed her life early January.

Several weeks following the accident, the Norwood Park entertainer has finally gained courage to recount her horrifying car crash experience on an icy roadway.

Hays blamed her extreme dedication to her career for the incident. She narrated that she was home-bound, driving alone on the night of January 9 along an Indiana expressway, when her car skidded on ice and flipped over.

According to Hays, she was sliding towards the three right lanes of the road where she saw several other vehicles. She thought that she might kill other people if she would continue to slide. Thus, she made one brave decision in her life: she quickly swerved to the left lane. As a result, she totally lost control of her vehicle, which eventually flipped over the guard rail and onto the southbound side of the highway.

Image gives credit to DNA Info, Chicago.

Image gives credit to DNA Info, Chicago.

Fortunately for Hays, she escaped the incident unscathed. Thanks to seatbelt and air bag.  The only injury she had was the cut on her left hand that she sustained from the car’s broken window as she exited the vehicle.

She was also grateful to the three United Parcels Service (UPS) drivers who immediately rescued her after the crash despite the reeking of gas from the vehicle.

In an interview after the crash, the drivers described the incident as unbelievable since they thought that the car would explode into flame but it did not.

That is really an incredible car crash story. It’s a good thing it doesn’t hail snow much in Los Angeles. One best piece of advice from our injury attorney is not to drive at all during icy weather condition. If you can’t avoid driving in such weather condition, at least make sure that your car is well prepared and that you know how to handle the road conditions.



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