Dean McDermott Lands in ICU after 2nd Motorcycle Accident

Dean McDermott, an actor who is better known as the husband of Tori Spelling, was recently rushed to the ICU of a hospital after a motorcycle accident.

This is his second motorcycle accident this year – a few months ago, he was also sent to the hospital with a fractured shoulder after dirt bike riding with friends.

According to his representative, the actor crashed his motorcycle while riding with two friends. He suffered a punctured, collapsed lung and is expected to stay in the ICU for a few more days.

McDermott, who has two children with Spelling, also stars in a reality show with his wife, “Home Sweet Hollywood”.

Spelling reportedly told PEOPLE magazine that McDemott is taking his most recent accident as a sign that his family is too important for him to keep risking his life.

Yes, the Spellings may be a filthy rich family but all the money in the world can never bring a person back to life. Motorcycle accidents can be quite fatal especially since unlike other motor vehicles, it provides little protection to its rider other than a helmet or a couple of protective gears like knee-pads.


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