Carlos Santana Car Crash Wasn’t Really a Minor Fender Bender

Image gives credit to NY Daily News.

Image gives credit to NY Daily News.

According to initial reports surfaced last week, guitar legend Carlos Santana was involved in a fender bender after he crashed his car into a parked vehicle in an upscale area of Las Vegas.

Initial reports claimed that Santana was homebound when he drove his car into a parked vehicle along the area of Summerlin in Las Vegas. Also, the police reportedly confirmed that the incident was only minor and further claimed that the incident is not even log-worthy.

However, recent reports opposed the earlier reports.

In a photo taken from the actual incident obtained by the TMZ, it displays the guitarist’s totaled Fisker Karma. The front bumper of the vehicle was destroyed while the airbags were deployed.

Obviously, it was not only a minor accident as the initial reports said.

Moreover, contrary to the initial report that Santana hit one parked car, subsequent reports say that the guitarist actually struck two vehicles before his car came to a stop.

Fortunately for the people involved, no one was injured following the incident. Authorities told media sources that Santana apparently fell asleep behind the wheel that is why he lost control of his vehicle.

So far, it is still unclear whether Santana was driving under the influence during accident since the incident was initially surrounded by false claims. Therefore, it is hard to determine which ones are bogus and which are true unless the law enforcers set it straight, commented by several personal injury lawyers.



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