Car Crash Leaves George Michael with a Scar

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Image gives credit to

Months may have passed following the horrific car crash that involved British singer George Michael, and his wounds may have healed but the “remembrance” of the unfortunate would definitely remain permanently tattooed on his skin unless he prefer to undergo costly reconstructive surgery.

Media sources revealed photos of the former Wham star with a huge scar on the back of his head, and on his left elbow as he stepped out of a vehicle outside his home in London last week.

Apparently, this is the first time that the pop star has publicly sported the permanent effect of the mishap that almost killed him last May.

Michael was involved in a bad rush hour motorway crash along M1 Motorway in Hertfordshire, England, where his body was found soaking in his own blood after the chauffer-driven Range Rover that he was riding fell into a tarmac. Witnesses to the incident have said, because of the serious nature of the accident, that he is lucky to still be alive after the incident.

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