Brad Pitt’s LA Bike Accident

BRAAAAAAADDDD!!!!! NOOOOOO! *insert echoing screams*


Ahem, pardon the dramatics exuberance but my heart literally fell over when I heard that news that Brad Pitt (only one of the hottest men alive on this planet) took a spill from his bike in Los Angeles.


According to the reports, Angelina Jolie’s better half had a minor motorcycle accident when the handlebars of his bike clipped a parked car when he tried to maneuver between the parked car and a car stopped at a red light.


Pitt however, lost control of his bike and ended up falling off the bike. Thankfully, he was not injured after the crash and moved his bike onto the side of the road and waited to get picked up.


In California, lane splitting/lane splicing (the act of weaving or changing lanes) is not prohibited by law. While it has proven to be dangerous and fatal especially to motorcycle riders, bike riders can still weave between traffic.


While it’s great that Brad (huge sigh of relief) didn’t get hurt, other bike riders can get injured if they make the same mistake he did. Here’s a good article on lane splitting.


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