Baseball Hero Jim Leyritz Off the Hook in Fatal DUI Crash

After a drunk driving accident that left a woman dead, former New York Yankees legend was recently sentenced to probation instead of going to jail for his misdemeanor DUI charges.

Jim Leyritz, who is best known for his 3-run home run in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series, teared up and hugged his sons after Broward County Judge Marc Gold spared him for 6 months of jail time and put him on probation and ordered him to pay a fine instead.

The fatal collision that killed Fredia Veitch, a mother of two, occurred on December 28, 2007. There were issues on whether Leyritz ran a red light before the crash but Veitch was killed because she was not wearing a seat belt. Also, the deceased was proven to have been drinking as well the night of the accident.

The jurors allegedly found that there was not enough proof that the former baseball player ran the red light and since it was also Leyritz’s first DUI.

The husband of the Vietch, Jordan admitted that his wife was drinking and thought that if she survived the accident, she should have also been charged with DUI. While he wasn’t entirely happy with the decision, he told reporters that he believed that Leyritz never meant to kill his wife.

The Vietch family has settled a civil lawsuit they filed against Leyritz. Aside from a $250,000 settlement from the insurance of the baseball player, the family will be paid $100,000 over the next few years.

This is in stark contrast to the murder conviction of Andrew Gallo, a drunk driver who killed Los Angeles Angels’ pitcher, Nick Adenhart in 2009.


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