Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Injured in California Car Crash; Jodi Foster to the Rescue

Image gives credit to the original owner, Toby Canham of Getty Images.

Image gives credit to the original owner, Toby Canham of Getty Images.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis started her month in bad note after she was reportedly got involved in a car accident on the month’s first day.

Recent news reports have confirmed that the actress and Activia spokesperson was taken to the hospital after a black Yukon SUV that she was riding crashed into a BMW in Venice Beach, California.

She was reportedly treated at the hospital for minor injuries and was later discharged for her full recovery at home. Also, one unidentified person was taken to the hospital, whose injuries were said to be much more serious.

Meanwhile, according to several witnesses, Curtis, while pretty shaken up, called her good friend actress Jodi Foster right after the incident. Just like in movies, the latter showed up immediately to rescue her friend.

During an interview following the accident, a representative for Curtis’ party told media sources that the mother-of-two is now in good condition and that she considers the incident as a perfect example to look up whenever you feel like forgetting why you should always wear seat belt. So far, no one knows if Curtis was wearing hers at the time of the accident.

Jamie is married to the director / screenwriter Christpoher Guest and is blessed with two children, Anne and Thomas. She is best known in her previous movies like Halloween, Freaky Friday, My Girl and House Arrest.

Incidentally, In the Golden State alone, more than 3,000 lives are being claimed each year. In fact, in a data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2009 alone, at least 3,071 people died as a result of California car crash, noted by a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney.




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