5 of the Popular Celebrities who Died in Horrific Car Crash

Celebrities getting involved in car crashes are just a usual scenario nowadays. It can be due to their fault – driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or intoxicating substance, or could also be due to other people’s negligence.

Unfortunately, not all celebrities who got involved in car accidents have survived. While some escape the incident unscathed, some incurred minor to severe injuries, while others were left lifeless.

Over the years, somewhere in Los Angeles, several injury attorneys therein have witnessed numerous incidents of fatal car crashes that involved some of the world renowned celebrities.

Here are some of the most renowned celebrities who were killed in horrific vehicle accidents:


James DeanJames Dean

In 1955, the ‘Rebel without a Cause’ actor was killed in an afternoon crash of September 30. According to previous reports, Dean and his friend was earlier caught over-speeding in his Porsche 550 Spyder the same day that he was struck by another driver who suddenly made a left turn at an intersection in Cholame, California. It was a head-on collision. As a result of which, Dean was nearly decapitated and incurred severe internal and external injuries.

Following his death, his car was dubbed as ‘Little Bastard’, since the curse of his vehicle lived on even years after the actor’s death. Up to present, the mystery behind the wretched vehicle remains unsolved.


Jayne MansfieldJayne Mansfield

In 1967, the said 1950s sex symbol was killed in an early morning accident of June 29 after the 1966 Buick Electra 225 that she was riding ran into the back end of an insecticide truck.  Reports said that Mansfield was with her three young children, her boyfriend, and a driver when the incident occurred. The children survived the incident while Mansfield, her boyfriend and the driver died. Police reports revealed that the bombshell was decapitated from the incident.
Princess DianaPrincess Diana

In 1997, a tragic car crash also claimed the life of the one of this world’s beloved icons. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash along with his friend, Dodi al-Fayed, and the chauffer, Henri Paul. The princess’ friend, Trevor Reed-Jones, was only the survivor of the incident. According to reports, the car that they were riding was speeding when it entered the Paris’ Alma tunnel to allegedly avoid paparazzi.  When the royal car veered to pass a car ahead, it lost control and crashed into the tunnel’s wall. Subsequently, when the chauffer tried to regain control of the car, it slammed into the reinforced concrete dividing pillars. The car subsequently bounced back and spun around before eventually coming to a stop, leaving a mangled vehicle.


Princess Grace of MonacoPrincess Grace of Monaco

In 1982, the actress-turned-princess lost her life after she lost control of the Land Rover that she was driving. Her youngest daughter was a passenger of the said car as well when it went out of control as it was negotiating hairpin turns and doors scraping the mountain side on their way to Monaco. The vehicle eventually went over the edge, rolled down the embankment before hitting piles of rock.

Follow-up investigation has revealed that the princess suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel. Media sources claimed that Princess Grace and her daughter were allegedly arguing before the fatal incident.


Lisa LopeLisa Lopess

In 2002, the former TLC band member likewise died in a horrific car crash. News reports claimed that Lopes was driving a rental car in Honduras when the vehicle engaged in a head-on collision. The car lost control and began rolling. As a result, Lopes was ejected and thrown out of the window of the vehicle that he was driving. She died from head injury.

Incidentally, the entire incident was caught on tape since the camera was rolling at the time of the accident. In fact, the horrifying video and controversial autopsy were said to be available online according to media sources.



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