“Gladiator” Russell Crowe Involved in Fender Bender With Firemen

One of Hollywood’s tough guys, Russell Crowe has recently been reported to have been involved in a motor vehicle accident when a Pittsburgh fire truck hit him and co-star Elizabeth Banks.


Crowe and Banks were on location in Pennsylvania to shoot their crime drama movie, ‘The Next Three Days’. The drama almost got too real when the fire truck rounded a corner too quickly and ended up striking Crowe’s car which was parked near Duquesne University.


The truck hit the car’s front bumper but fortunately, Crowe and Banks who were both inside were unharmed by the collision.


It’s a close call for the two stars who were only doing their job but it seems as though the fire truck may have been on its way to do a job too as they were obviously in a hurry and speeding.


Guess that means no one’s quite that safe in the presence of speedsters, even if those speeding drivers are public servants and law officers.


(Doesn’t this bring to mind the fatal crash caused by a La Habra police officer who crashed her cruiser against a couple’s car and killed them?)


Just like a famous quote from the movie Spiderman, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”


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