Zsa – Zsa Gabor’s Series of Hospitalization – As a Result of Her 2002 Car Accident

After series of hospitalizations, Hollywood icon Zsa – Zsa Gabor was again rushed to a medical center in Los Angeles last week.

It was the latest in a series of her hospitalizations. According to the actress’ spokesperson, a feeding tube came out of Gabor’s stomach causing her to bleed. Therefore her husband, Von Anhalt immediately called an ambulance and rushed her to UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center. Gabor was last hospitalized only a month for same illness.

Since Gabor’s 2002 car accident, she became partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair. And due to her physical disorder, on 2010, Gabor again suffered from another accident. She fell on the floor while she was reaching for the telephone ringing. Since then, she has been repeatedly hospitalized. She has since got through a hip operation and has suffered some complications.

Gabor was also brought to the hospital when her friend, Elizabeth Taylor died because she was inconsolable according to her husband.

Last January 2011, one of Gabor’s legs was removed after her physician found an infection which can no longer be intercepted by antibiotics. During one of Gabor’s hospital’s stay last August, she had a priest read her final rites.

According to reports, Gabor was born as Sari Gabor in the capital city of Hungary, in Budapest on February 6, 1917. She married Von Anhalt but she was first married to Conrad Hilton, the great grandfather of the socialite, Paris Hilton from 1942 to 1947. She was blessed with one and only child, Francesca who is now a comedienne.

Following her Hollywood actress sister, Gabor entered the show business. She started starring in movies herself on 1952 with the films “Lovely to Look At”, We’re Not Married” and “Moulin Rouge”. On 1996, she also had a cameo.

Imagine how her completely happy life was ruined by one car accident resulting to serious personal injuries which made her suffered from too much pain and difficulties in her latter life. The best consolation she might ever had is that despite of what happened to her, she was still happy and contented having her loving husband beside her through her ups and downs.


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