Zina Bethune Killed in a Car Accident after Attending to an Injured Animal

Zina Bethune car accidentFormer dancer and actress Zina Bethune was killed in a car accident after attending an injured animal on the road last February 12.

The Los Angeles Police Department is conducting an investigation regarding the death of 66-year-old Bethune.

According to the initial investigation, Bethune parked her vehicle along the road shoulder of the 6000 block of Forest Lawn Drive last Saturday midnight to attend to an injured animal. But, as she was walking towards it, she was accidentally struck by a vehicle traveling east bound. The actress was thrown into the westbound lane where she was hit by a second vehicle and was dragged for more than 600 feet.

The Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics, who responded to the accident, pronounced Bethune dead on the spot.

LAPD officer Sgt. Gregory Hoyte said in an interview that one of the two cars involved at the accident stopped at the accident scene while the other one fled. Authorities are currently searching for information about a white car that was seen leaving the area shortly after the incident.

It was not yet determined which car killed the actress, but the investigation is still under progress according to Hoyte.

Bethune was professionally known as a dancer, actress, and a teacher for the disabled children. She was also a charity patron; thus, it was no longer surprising if she exerted efforts just to save a poor animal.

Consequently, we may see a yearly increase in injuries and fatalities resulting from such car accidents,  based on the statistics shown by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Also, several thousands more victims and their families may suffer from aftermaths of tragic accidents in the future.

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