Wiz Khalifa Leaves Message to Fans about Wearing Seatbelt after Being Busted

After he was pulled over by a cop for a traffic violation, American rapper Wiz Khalifa left a valuable message to his fans.

According to media sources, Wiz Khalifa was pulled over by a cop for not wearing his seatbelt while hitting the California roadways in his brand-new Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Unfortunately for the rapper, just like with any other celebrities who get busted when they committed a traffic violation, his fame did not exclude him from being ticketed over his wrongdoing.

In an interview, the apprehending officer admitted to a news source that he recognized the world-famous rapper but he still gave him a ticket anyway.

Consequently, following the incident, the rapper took his opportunity during a snap interview to tell his fans to make sure that they always wear their seatbelts.

Under California’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act, it is mandatory for all drivers and passengers to use seatbelts while riding in a vehicle, unless they have a medical condition that may excuse them from doing so.

In addition, Wiz Khalifa’s new car is considered as among the fastest production cars today, having a maximum speed of 190mph. Therefore, in case the same got involved in a nasty car accident, the impact of the collision brought by its high speed will likely cause its passenger severe injuries or worse, death.

It can be remembered that some three months ago, Wiz Khalifa was also reportedly involved in an alleged hit-and-run incident. Previous news reports claimed that the rapper accidentally punched his fancy 1969 Chevy Chevelle’s gas which caused it to slam into a Lexus.

His car was said to be totaled following the said incident. Authorities say that he allegedly fled the scene by using other means of transportation.

Meanwhile, although a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles believes that Wiz Khalifa is a good rapper, he nevertheless expressed a little doubt regarding the multi-talented singer and actor’s ability to drive safely. He actually fears for the music talent’s safety as well and wishes that Khalifa would take his safety seriously whenever he hits the road.

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