Victoria’s Secret’s Former Model Had Scary Car Accident on Los Angeles Freeway

Image is a screenshot of the original photo owned by FameFlynet.

The former Victoria’s Secret’s model Miranda Kerr was reportedly involved in a scary car accident along the Los Angeles Freeway.

Recent reports confirmed that the Australian model injured her neck after a vehicle slammed into her car while she was driving on the said freeway.

News about her accident broke after Kerr was spotted roaming around Los Angeles the day after the incident. According to reports, the model and her mother was wearing a scarf, probably to cover up her neck brace when she was photographed that day.

Further reports claimed that Kerr underwent several MRI scans to determine the extent of her injuries, which went from her neck to her back. Apparently, the model suffered from a bad case of whiplash. In fact, her spokesperson has confirmed that she is in a lot of pain but was thankful that the accident was not more serious.

Subsequently, police reports confirmed that the driver of the other vehicle that rammed into Kerr’s car was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). The said driver will possibly face charges of reckless driving, authorities said..

Fortunately, Kerr’s two-year-old son was not injured in the incident. Meanwhile, following the crash, her husband, Orlando Bloom, has since stayed beside Kerr to take good care of her.

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