Vanessa Hudgens Gets Involved in a Car Accident for the Second Time

After getting involved in a minor car accident last year, here she goes again. Vanessa Hudgens was once again involved in car accident this year.

Hudgens’ first accident occurred last September, 2010 at a CVS Parking lot in Studio City, California. As she was backing out in her black Audi, she slammed into an approaching vehicle which resulted into a fender bender and a large dent to the other driver’s side door. Hudgens’ car sustained minor scratches at the back bumper. Fortunately, she was not injured.

Now, for the second time, Hudgens was driving her brand new Audi when she got involved again in a car crash.

According to reports, Hudgens’ brand new car was spotted into a parking lot of a Halloween store in Los Angeles.

Witnesses have seen the damages at the back portion of the celebrity’s vehicle. Though his expensive car has been damaged, Hudgens still managed to put a smile on her face as if nothing happened and walked away from the accident scene.

Though, no information about star’s recent car accident has leaked, it’s very obvious in the appearance of her car that it has gone through another minor accident since the damage was not serious but just simple scratches and minor dents.

Well, the show must go on. Hudgens is now filming her upcoming movie, the “Frozen Ground”, a true story of a rape victim who escaped from her abductor and then helped the authorities to capture the criminal.

It’s been two consecutive years that Hudgens got involved in car accidents. She should take more precautions now. Who knows, maybe the next time she will get involved in a car crash, it will be more serious than the first two. Hopefully, it will be the last.



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