Top 10 Celebrity Car Accidents

As we often think, celebrities are always on their best look and at the perfect scene. But have you ever imagined seeing a celebrity involved in one of the craziest car accidents on the road? Some stars are reckless enough to get involved in car crashes. Stars also slip, fall and crash just like everyone else.

Here are some of the craziest celebrity car accidents for 2011:

Kara Jo – this Playboy cover girl got into a rare and ridiculous car accident when she accidentally made an engine revolution causing her car to speed away together with a gas pump attached to her car’s fuel tank. She was very embarrassed then according to her.

George Michael – this DUI driver crashed his Range Rover in a Snappy Snap Store in London and sustained minor personal injuries.

Michael Peps – this one of the world’s greatest swimmer is also one of the world’s reckless driver. He crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a Sedan. Intoxication is also a factor to the accident.

Mel Gibson – fresh from a divorce, this actor, film director, producer and screenwriter got his 2008 Maserati in a car accident which definitely disappointed his car accident insurance company after seeing his wrecked car.

Dwight Eubanks – this featured designer of Real Housewives of Atlanta got into a deep humiliation after he drove his Mercedes Benz into a mud of wet cement.

Charlie Sheen – two cars of the former Two and a Half Men star got involved in car accidents. Allegedly, his both cars were stolen and left hanging on a cliff. His car insurance company definitely got upset about it.

Dennis Rodman – it’s surprising how this retired basketball player survived in a rollover accident of his Range Rover having only minor injuries sustained.

LeVar Burton – Star Trek: The Next Generation star is lucky enough to survive in a 5–car pile up and only sustained minor injuries.

Tom Brady – this football player’s Audi car was accidentally hit by a reckless driver who beat the red light. He’s alright after the accident but unfortunately, his Audi is in a poor condition.

Juliette Lewis – American actress and musician sustained neck injuries after her car got t–boned on an intersection in Hollywood.

Hopefully, this would serve as a warning to all drivers to be very careful since car vehicle accidents are never selective of victims. Not everyone is lucky enough like the above-mentioned celebrities who did not survive the collisions.



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