Tardy Lindsay Gets Another Year in Probation

Lindsay Lohan was in the spotlight once again when she was late to her scheduled court date. Her star status had not done her any good as she received stern warning from the judge.

Beverly Hills Judge Marsha N. Revel gave Lindsay another year in her already three-year-long probation sentence due to her previous two DUI cases. The additional year would be tacked in her previous sentence since she already attended some of her alcohol classes.

In a report, Lindsay had only completed 15 out of 26 individual alcohol classes, 13 of 26 group alcohol classes and 13 of 28 self-help sessions.

Judge Revel’s ruling was given despite argument that Lindsay was busy filming a movie in Texas. In response, Lindsay was ordered to get court approval whenever she leaves Los Angeles.   Otherwise, she would go to jail.

Lindsay is just one of those celebrities found in trouble with the law due to their DUI arrests. Mel Gibson, Nicole Richie and Russell Crowe had their share of court battles.

Fingers crossed for these troubled stars.


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