Singing Cowboy’s Widow Involved in Fatal Pedestrian Crash in Palm Springs

The late “Singing Cowboy” Gene Autry’s wife was recently involved in a fatal pedestrian accident in Palm Springs.

Jackie Autry, his 69-year old widow was reportedly driving down Sunrise Way when she fatally struck a man who is believed to be homeless. The man, who was identified to be 50-year old Jesus Cardova Diaz, was not in the crosswalk when the accident occurred.

He was taken to Desert Regional Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

After the accident, Autry was neither required to undergo a blood alcohol test nor cited by the Palm Springs Police Department. The widow was clearly not under the influence of alcohol but the deceased was tested to see if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Pedestrian accidents account for about 12 percent of motor vehicle crash deaths each year. Injuries incurred by pedestrians hurt in crashes number to thousands every year, in 2008, as many as 69,000 pedestrians were injured in motor vehicle crashes.

Drivers however, may not be held liable for such accidents, or even cited or tested by the authorities if the pedestrian who was hurt or killed in the collision is the proximate cause of the accident.

There are many cases of pedestrians who got into an accident through their own fault such as crossing against the traffic light, not following traffic rules or signals, or even texting while walking. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 53 percent of pedestrians killed in evening crashes in 2009 had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) at or above the legal limit of 0.08 percent.


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