Singer Robin Thicke Crashes Porsche into Parked Vehicle

After the tax and pot session issues thrown against singer Robin Thicke, he was recently involved in a vehicle accident last July 10.

According to reports, Thicke rammed his expensive Porsche convertible into another car on Sunset Boulevard. Allegedly, as he was leavingChateau Marmont in West Hollywood, another car cut his high end vehicle, causing it to swerve into a parked car.

As a result of the collision, Thicke’s vehicle sustained serious damage to the front and back end. Fortunately, the Volkswagen where the actor’s Porsche struck solely lies within its parking lot and without passenger. However, the Volkswagen was also towed from the accident scene.

Investigations showed that alcohol and drugs were not a factor to the incident and that no criminal investigation was conducted. Although Thicke had all the chances to flee from the scene because the Volkswagen was unattended, Thicke still prefer to stay at the accident scene until police arrived. After getting Thicke’s statement, the police even gave him a ride to his nearby home.

Hollywood is known as the home of celebrities in the United States. Therefore, a lot of people visit the place in order to see their favorite actors and actresses in real-life action. However, just like any other city in U.S., car crash also occur even in the most popular and visited places. This is why a Los Angeles car accident attorneyreminded people to be extra careful when driving or roaming around a city like Hollywood.


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