Sen. Harry Reid Hospitalized after Las Vegas Multiple Car Crash

Photo gives credit to ABC13.

According to latest news reports, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was hospitalized following a multiple car crash last Friday afternoon in Nevada.

Reports claimed that the accident occurred just near the Sahara exit at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon last October 26.

The Nevada Highway Patrol spokesperson said that four of Senator Reid’s security motorcade and two other civilian-owned cars were involved in the crash.

Moreover, reports claimed that the senator was taken to the University Medical Center. He also reportedly managed to walk on his own into the hospital.

Accordingly, although Senator Reid was wearing seatbelt during the accident, he still sustained hip and rib injuries. Fortunately for him, he was subsequently released from the hospital after doctors had cleared him from any dangers or complications.

Moreover, several members of the senator’s security team were also treated at the said hospital for minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the northbound lanes of I-15 in Neveda were temporarily closed while the initial investigation was underway, but were re-opened immediately thereafter.

So far, the main cause of the accident was not yet determined but authorities are still working their way to a final conclusion regarding the ongoing investigation.

Fortunately for Senator Reid, he himself is a good follower. He always sees to it that he is wearing proper safety gears like seatbelt, while traveling to keep himself safe in case such car accidents happen. Many speculated, including a Los Angeles car crash attorney, that if Senator Reid was not wearing his seatbelt, something worse could have happened.

Hopefully, many would learn their lesson from this incident. They should always remember that wearing seatbelt serves many safety purposes, and should not just ignore its use.


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