Remembering Nick Adenhart

Remember the story of Nick Adenhart—the 22-year old Angels rookie pitcher who died in a drunken driver car accident after pitching the best game of his short-lived career?


Well apparently, nobody has forgotten his tragic end, least of all the local  law enforcement authorities.


Most recently, they were invoking his name recently when they asked baseball fans to be responsible in anticipation of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series at the Angels Stadium.


But of course, the authorities didn’t stop at invoking the name of Adenhart or their usual reminders of don’t drink and drive and have a designated driver.


There will be a stepped-up enforcement at the stadium where officers will be patrolling the area for drunk drivers at the stadium as well as nearby roads and freeways.


If there is anything good that could come out of Adenhart’s death, it should have to be the simple lesson that a lot of fans, especially male drivers should bear in mind.


Don’t drink and drive.



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