Pregnant “Teen Mom” Star Got Involved in a Car Accident, Left a Deer Dead

After Amber Portwood’s car crash incident, another “Teen Mom” star got involved in a car accident leaving a deer dead on the spot. This time, the actress involved is the “Teen Moms 2” star, Leah Messer.

Messer was able to tweet about the accident, saying that she was upset more than shocked due to the incident. Furthermore, she claimed that the deer ran into her car and was unable to hit the brake on time.

Reports said that the incident occurred few days after Messer and her boyfriend, Jeremy Calvert, publicly announced their engagement. Additionally, Messer was reportedly pregnant when the accident that killed a deer happened.

Car accidents involving animals like deer could be serious and fatal at times, particularly during icy conditions. Every time autumn approaches, the highway agency keeps on reminding drivers to be more vigilant in watching out for deer coming across the roads specifically during sunrise and sunset. Fortunately, the “Teen Mom” star as well as her unborn baby wasn’t hurt.

According to the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 1.5 million car accidents involving animals are reported each year. Such car accidents result in $1 billion damage to property, and more than 10,000 personal injuries – this was also confirmed by Los Angeles car accident attorneys.


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