Papparazzi Car Accident Settled by Britney Spears

Pop Princess Britney Spears has been through a much publicized “crazy period” in her life—I mean, who can forget Britney’s breakdown where she shaved herself bald in her car (and married Kevin Federline)?


But now, she’s turned her life around and has come out with a successful album, she’s actually also kind of hot again now even after two kids.


Now it seems another crazy chapter has been officially closed in her life, a 2007 paparazzi car accident has been recently settled. It can be recalled that Britney ran over Ricardo Mendoza’s foot with her car right outside a Beverly Hills medical building.


(By the way, in 2007, Britney also ran over the feet of a sheriff’s deputy and another paparazzi stalker.)


Since the accident, Mendoza filed a case in May, seeking nearly $230,000 in damages and medical expenses. Mendoza, who was working for TMZ at the time of the accident, alleged that Britney’s people should have known that she was not in the mental, emotional and/or physical condition to operate the subject motor vehicle in a safe and reasonable manner.

Although Britney’s lawyers said that Mendoza positioned and placed himself in the roadway in front of Ms. Spears’ vehicle, the lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Now that’s what you call, “Footing the bill!”


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