Paparazzo Chases Tori Spelling, Causes Car Accident in LA

Being a celebrity is not all about popularity and the money that is earned after appearing in television advertisements and movies. It can also be stressful because actors are often in the spotlight, whether they like it or not.

Celebrities are often chased by reporters, specifically by paparazzi who to get a glimpse of their personal and public affairs. Actress Tori Spelling, who also happens to be pregnant, was recently involved in a Los Angeles car accident allegedly due to a paparazzo.

According to the actress’ tweet, the paparazzo chased her while she was driving her two kids to school. She then hit the school’s wall while trying to avoid the man.

Fortunately, the children were spared from injuries. The actress also did not appear to be injured. In fact, she even tweeted that she is on her way to her doctor for a check-up.

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