New York Governor’s Ex-Wife, Kerry Kennedy, Says Car Accident Caused by Seizure – Not Alcohol or Drugs

New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo’s estranged wife, Kerry Kennedy, was reportedly involved in a car accident more than a week ago in Westchester County, New York. She claimed that seizure was a major factor to the incident and not alcohol or drugs.

On Friday night, the 52-year-old daughter of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and niece of former president John F. Kennedy was arrested after her Lexus struck a tractor-trailer in a New York Interstate.

According to police reports, Kennedy then took her car off an exit before it eventually caused a more serious mishap.

Kennedy pleaded guilty last Tuesday in North Castle Town Court to a charge of driving while impaired. Kennedy was subsequently released but she was required to submit herself to fingerprinting by state police and to an evaluation by a substance abuse agency. On August 14, she was scheduled to appear in court.

Based on the initial investigation, Kennedy failed to pass several sobriety tests and was swaying and slurring at the time of her arrest.

In a statement, Kennedy claimed that she only remembers that she was about to go to a gym when she hit the road and nothing more than that. She only had her conscious memory back when she was pulled over by a police officer at a traffic light.

Kennedy added that she felt confused and erratic. Reports said that Kennedy initially told police that she might have accidentally taken an Ambien sleeping pill instead of her daily thyroid pill. However, drug test later showed that there was apparently no trace of drugs and alcohol in her system.

Consequently, the jury will try to rely on Kennedy’s blood and urine tests, the results of which are yet to be released on next court meeting, said Town Justice Elyse Lazansky.

In her recent statement, Kennedy claimed that her doctors believe that the accident was caused by a seizure that stemmed from a head injury she sustained in the past. She further stated that she underwent neurological tests in Manhattan where doctors discovered “an area of hyper density” in her head that apparently stemmed from her old head injury.

Therefore, said result made her doctors conclude that the accident was not caused by a sleeping pill or any intoxicating substance but by a complex partial seizure.

At present, Kennedy intends to pursue receiving treatment for her condition until she was able live normally. Also, she apologized to the driver of the trailer-tractor she struck as well as to the other drivers on the road during the incident.

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