NCIS Actor Involved in Car Crash Collision in Los Angeles

Recently, an actor from the hit TV show NCIS was involved in a car crash accident in Los Angeles.

Michael Weatherly, who played Max in Dark Angel and who is now known as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo in the show, was reportedly driving his black Mercedes over the Barham Pass when the when the lanes merged causing a collision near Universal Studios.

Two other vehicles were said to have also been involved in the crash. The owner of the silver BMW which was damaged in the crash claimed that Weatherly crashed into him and pushed his vehicle into a nearby pole.

According to the driver, the TV star got out of his vehicle after the collision and exchanged information with him. Weatherly allegedly accepted his responsibility for the accident.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash however, both Weatherly’s Mercedes and the silver BMW sustained heavy damages. The actor’s car had serious damage on the front passenger side and the front bumper was practically torn off.


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