Michael Hastings’ Car Accident Death Draws Conspiracy Theories

Image is a screenshot of the original photo owned by Al Seib of LA Times.

Almost a month after the award-winning journalist Michael Hastings death, a variety of theories started to come out after the anti-secrecy website, WikiLeaks, has recently revealed Hastings’ email hours before his fatal car crash.

Last week, WikiLeaks has revealed that the author-journalist sent an e-mail to the organization’s lawyer hours before he smashed his 2013 silver Mercedes into a tree and burst into flame in Hancock Park, Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, California. It was a single car crash. According to the initial investigation, Hastings’ car was going too fast at the time of the accident. In fact, as a result of the impact, the vehicle’s engine was found 100 feet away from the crash scene shortly after the incident. He was 33.

In his email to WikiLeaks, Hastings wrote that he was working on a ‘big story’ and was going to disappear. He further noted that the FBI was investigating him. In fact, several of his close friends and colleagues were allegedly being interviewed by the FBI. Therefore, he was going to “go off the radar for a bit,” he added. The e-mail’s subject was ‘FBI Investigation re: NSA.’

Subsequently, a variety of conspiracy theories have emerged on the internet, all implying that he was murdered by powerful forces seeking for his silence.

While many associate the incident to a story about a privacy lawsuit filed by Jill Kelly against the Department of Defense and the FBI that he was researching about, the FBI on the other hand has claimed that the journalist was never under investigation by the said federal agency. Also, in a recent report released by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the agency ruled that there was no foul play occurred in the single vehicle crash.

Others have also speculated that Hastings could have allowed someone to hack his car. A prominent security analyst believe that the existing technology nowadays can do some really highly destructive things now, though hacking a car and it’s all easy to do.

Based on several researchers from some universities, it is significantly easy to hack a car’s control system like causing acceleration, taking the brakes or launching the airbags.

So far, the authorities have claimed that it may take a few weeks to determine a real cause of death for Hastings.

Initially, who would have ever thought that a tragic car accident can be this controversial and apparently becoming a big news story on national television and even on the Internet due to different conspiracy theories that surrounds the journalist’s death. Meanwhile, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer is keeping an eye on the progress of this case after it started to gain significant attention recently.


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