Melrose Actress Lisa Rinna Figures in Car Accident



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‘Melrose Place’ actress Lisa Rinna got involved in a minor car accident last Friday after she dropped her kids at school in Los Angeles.

Initial reports claimed that the 49-year-old  actress was rear-ended by a vehicle coming from the right just minutes after she dropped her kids in school. Fortunately for Rinna, she was unscathed from the incident while her car only incurred minimal damage.

Shortly thereafter, Rinna started tweeting about the incident. Some of her twitter musings were quoted below:

“Angels watching over me! I was just in a car accident so lucky the guy turned right from the left lane and I was in the right lane Bam… I’m ok! Very lucky. Car not so much.”

“Thank you for all of the lovely messages I’m good and a car can be fixed!”


“Thank my angels for keeping me safe and no kids in the car! Lordie, who knew I’d be spending the day like this. As I always say – could be A lot worse!”

Aside from being grateful for being safe and for all the concerns she received, Rinna also assured her fans that she is safe through her tweet, also quoted below:

“Little shaken up that’s for sure but I’m ok! Could have been really bad. I’m taking a deep breath and relaxing trying to stop shaking. Scary.”

The American television actress and host is best known for her roles on the Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place. Also, she hosted the SoapNet’s SoapTalk. Other than that, she also had a special participation on NBCs the Celebrity Apprentice.

Incidentally, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles explained that the most usual causes of such car accidents are drivers’ errors, distractions, intoxications, and bad weather. Accordingly, it is important to know such causes. Although one may not predict an accident from happening, it works well to think ahead of time and be cautious and attentive.

*Several lines in this article were excerpted from a related article posted at the online entertainment news website, Hollywood.


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