Mayim Bialik Finally Files Lawsuit More than a Year after Car Crash

Image gives credit to Giulio Marcocchi / Startraks.

Image gives credit to Giulio Marcocchi / Startraks.

More than a year after Mayim Bialik was reportedly injured from a car accident in Los Angeles, California, the Big Bang Theory star is now reportedly taking legal actions in connection to the said traffic mishap.

According to recent news reports, Bialik filed a lawsuit after sustaining severe injuries in her hand from the 2012 car crash.

It could be remembered that back in August 2012, Bialik was struck by a Mustang that was turning left in Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles as she was driving her white Volvo.

Previous reports claimed that Bialik sustained severe lacerations on her left arm and her thumb was suffered from severe cut as a result of the crash.

In the lawsuit she filed against the Mustang’s driver who was said to be a tourist and the key people of the rental car company that owns the car, Bialik claimed she suffered nerve damage in the incident.

She is now seeking for unspecified damages, which includes lost wages.

“That must be a staggering amount of lost wages considering that the Emmy awards nominee actress is currently starring on NBC’s “Blossom” at the time of the incident. As for the tourist, that driver probably learned his or her lesson now. The tourist should have been extra cautious in exploring the busy streets of Los Angeles,” said by an automobile accident attorney.



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