Lindsay Lohan in Car Crash-related Prosecution and Her Los Angeles Injury Lawyer Issues

Image gives credit to LA Times

As recently reported, Lindsay Lohan allegedly dropped her lawyer, Shawn Holley, who has been battling for her in court during her troubled years.

Lohan reportedly replaced Holley with a New York lawyer named Mark Heller. However, according to news reports, Heller is not licensed to practice law in California where Lohan’s prosecution related to her car crash case is being held.

Ironically, Lindsay made a mistake upon firing Holley since the latter is an ace in court according to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. In fact, she kept Lohan out of jail for years. Holley could have save Lohan again from imprisonment this time if she was not fired.

Now, how could a New York lawyer save Lohan from her jail time if he can’t even practice law at the Golden State? Lohan is currently facing another jail time due to probation violation in the jewelry heist case and for lying to cops following her Los Angeles car crash.

Supposedly, Holley could have made the judge to agree to end both cases if Lindsay checked into rehab — but that would never happen since the lawyer already informed the judge that the actress just made her a boot by sending her a termination letter.

At present, Holley is still Lohan’s lawyer until the judge presiding on Lohan’s case formally dismissed Holley.

Moreover, this is what it made it to be totally ridiculous: sources close to Lohan allegedly told media sources that the actress desperately wants Holley to be back on board claiming that she thinks Holley as her second mother. Therefore, she asked her new lawyer, Heller to send Holley another letter cancelling the first one.

On the other hand, Holley is yet to comment on the issue.

Apparently, Lohan has no choice but to appear in court and enter a plea for not having the right lawyer to represent her in court.

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