Lindsay Lohan’s Overwhelming Car Accidents Complaints

automobile accidentIt’s just the beginning of the year but it seems that Lindsay Lohan is being flooded with personal injury lawsuits resulting from her reckless driving.

Prior to this news, rumors about Lindsay Lohan’s personal injury lawsuit resulting from a car accident was all over the internet, and now, after few weeks time, another  story about Lohan’s new lawsuit stemming from a different automobile accident is threading again.

This time, Lohan’s complainant is a woman named Nubia Del Carmen Preza. In her lawsuit, Preza is claiming that she was struck by Lohan’s Maserati car as she was walking through an intersection at West Hollywood in September, 2010.

Preza further states in her lawsuit that she has suffered disabling condition, serious personal injuries, physical and emotional pain and sufferings.  Also, Preza is seeking for damages for all  her medical expenses  and her lost time at work.

According to Lohan’s spokesperson, neither Lohan nor her lawyers has been served with the lawsuit. Therefore, no comment coming from Lohan’s side was made.

Both automobile accidents that resulted in the two consecutive lawsuits against Lohan happened in 2007 and in 2010.  She has been arrested twice for her drunk driving. Until now, Lohan is still under probation from the said driving violation.

Oftentimes, unexpected circumstances occur and accidents happen for no obvious reason. However, most accidents can be avoided if proper safety measures are taken. But if and when accidents happen, there are very good Los Angeles injury attorneys to handle personal injury claims.


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