Lindsay Lohan’s Bad Luck with Car Crashes Not Yet Over

It seems that every time Lindsay Lohan tries to take one step forward, she always ends up taking several steps backward for being unlucky with car crashes.

In the previous month, Lindsay Lohan was once again involved in a minor car crash outside a club in Los Angeles as she was trying to flee in her brand-new Porsche from a horde of paparazzi and onlookers who were chasing after her.

The incident happened last February 7 outside Wilcox Avenue club in Los Angeles where she accidentally grazed on a knee of a man by the parking lot as she was making a U-turn to leave the place.

In the initial reports, the victim didn’t file for any complaints since there was no injury sustained from the said incident. Police authorities didn’t even bother to search for Lohan or charged her for any violations.

However, in recent reports, the victim is allegedly now considering pressing charges against Lohan, and that the club’s manager is currently looking for Los Angeles accident lawyer to hire.

Definitely, this would not be good news for Lohan since she is still attending her existing probation resulting from her previous car crashes and DUI charges.

According to authorities, if ever the victim had decided to file a complaint, they will have no other choice but to open a hit-and-run investigation subjecting Lohan whom didn’t even bother to stop at the moment and apologize to the man for the incident.

Usually, car crashes occur as a result of negligent behaviors or petty crimes. Lohan’s being always on the rush to escape from paparazzi has contributed a lot to her sequencing mishaps. And now, it makes her more prone to road disasters, as well as charges and probations. If it pushed through, this would be Lohan’s third car crash complaint for this year alone.


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