Lindsay’s Continuing Car Troubles

If your name is Lindsay Lohan, your car insurance application will never probably get improved.

According to adult film producer Dennis DeSantis (whose $100,000 Maserati Lindsay crashed last March), the former teen princess has yet to pay him the cost of all the luxury car rentals she made with his company, Specialty Car Craft.

DeSantis alleged that Lindsay still owes him a total of $10,260 for various cars she rented last May. But also, because of the additional expenses incurred when the cars were detailed and towed, Lindsay’s outstanding bill has increased to $12,310.

Looks like on top of Lindsay’s extended probation, she would have to worry about the legal actions DeSantis is considering because of her unpaid bill.

Driving under the influence and unpaid car rental bills are hardly a vote of confidence on Lindsay’s car history. And if Lindsay can’t get insurance, she’ll end up having to foot the entire bill for damages if she ever gets into another car accident again.

Looks like it’s time to get serious on your alcohol education and be responsible, Lindsay. The stack of bills aren’t going to magically disappear anytime soon.


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