Kristen Stewart Luckily Escapes Los Angeles Car Crash Unscathed

Photo gives credit to the original owner, WENN.

If you were to be bumped by a renowned Hollywood star’s vehicle, would you be mad or would you feel proud of having a chance to meet and chat with a popular celebrity?

Perhaps everybody is wondering how a Los Angeles female driver reacted upon seeing that the driver who crashed into her car is none other than the Twilight movie star, Kristen Stewart.

Recent reports have confirmed that the Twilight actress accidentally bumped into a woman’s car while the she was out visiting a friend in Los Angeles.

Witnesses have claimed that it was a fender bender and Stewart was able to handle the situation like a mature young lady. In fact, subsequent reports said that the actress was seen going out of her car to check whether the other driver and the kids aboard were all safe. Fortunately, no one was hurt from the incident.

Both drivers subsequently proceeded into exchanging information and assessing the damage to their vehicles. Witnesses further state that the actress was a bit shook up. Accordingly, she seemed a bit shy and embarrassed following the incident.

Fortunately for Stewart, she was about to leave for New York wherein public transportation is always available. Reports assert that Stewart is about to fly to New York to reunite with Twilight movie co-star Robert Pattinson and for business purposes as well.

Everyday, there are lots of car accident incidences that are being reported in the city of Los Angeles alone. Therefore, the state of California has put the safety of motorists at its top priorities. Hence, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles strictly reminded that there are certain rules to follow certain laws that promote safety while driving to avoid vehicle mishaps.

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