Kanye West Car Crash Rumors False


Instead of the words Rest in Peace, there are two words that more aptly describe the whole Kanye West death: NOT TRUE!


Last night, the internet world (namely Facebook and Twitter) was abuzz with the news that the Grammy-winning rapper was killed in a car crash in Los Angeles. As story goes, he died in a collision involving two luxury cars which also alleged that another person was injured and two others were arrested and detained by the police.


RIPKanyeWest was so popular that it became the number one trending topic. But true to the current form of communication these days, the rumor was dashed by Kanye’s girlfriend, Amber Rose.


She tweeted that Kanye is not dead and that it was extremely poor taste to make it such a hot trending topic just because Kanye made a mistake and that it is disrespectful to people who love him.


Yes, Amber Rose is right, it’s extremely poor taste to go to the extent of saying Kanye died when all he did was take the mike from poor, young Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for best female video.


“How can you be so heartless?” – Heartless by Kanye West


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