Kanye West’s Real Car Accident

Did you know that after the viral rumors and the trend RIPKanyeWest which circulated in Facebook and Twitter about the Grammy-winning rapper’s fatal car accident, Kanye West was actually in an almost fatal car crash?


Well, sort of. The car accident happened way back in 2002 when his rented Lexus crashed against another car in W Hotel. Allegedly, West got cut off by another car which led him to run head-on into traffic.


The impact of the crash fractured West’s jaw. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and had his jaw wired to his face in reconstructive surgery.


Fortunately, no one else was involved in the accident.


But again, Hollywood Crashes would like to set it straight that Mr. West is alive and whole and was not, in any way, involved in any car accident recently. Amber Rose, his girlfriend has confirmed that Kanye West is alive and well.




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