Justin Long Suffers Concussion After Car Crash

Actor Justin Long, who is unfortunately, better known as Drew Barrymore’s boyfriend, was recently involved in a car accident in Los Angeles.

The Going the Distance star was allegedly set to travel to the Savannah Film Festival to promote his next movie, The Conspirator when the minor crash occurred.

Although there was no word on what may have caused the accident, the 32-year old actor reportedly got injured.

Sources reported that Long, who suffered a concussion, cancelled his appearance in the film festival but is otherwise “completely fine now”.

Head and brain injuries are one of the most common injuries car occupants can suffer after a motor vehicle accident. Whether strapped in or not, the impact of a crash can cause a person to strike his head either against the dashboard or the window or a car and the results can either be minimal (a concussion) or deadly (traumatic brain injury).

Long isn’t the first celebrity to get a hard knock on the head after a car accident, Hollywoodcrashes has also previously reported about MTV’s Rikki Mongeon’s accident which left her with bleeding inside her head.


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