Juliette Lewis Suffers Whiplash Injury in Hit and Run Accident

Natural Born Killers actress Juliette Lewis was lucky to be alive after a hit and run smash-up in Burbank, California.

The veteran actress was being driven home in her chauffeured Lincoln Town Car from a screening of her latest movie “Conviction” when her car was struck while crossing the intersection just a few blocks from her house.

The crash happened at 10:19 PM and according to the authorities, the driver of the Honda car which hit the actress is still at large. After fleeing the scene, the driver allegedly abandoned the vehicle a few blocks from the accident.

The actress, who was reportedly badly shaken up in the crash, was taken to the hospital. According to Lewis, although she didn’t hit her head badly, she is now doing physical therapy for whiplash.

Her car was wrecked in the T-bone crash. Lewis, who had also lost a friend in a previous car accident claimed that the crash reminded her to focus on the good things especially after such a close call.


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