Jazz Musician Hurt in Rear-End Crash in Long Beach

A famous jazz saxophonist was injured over the weekend in an alcohol-related crash in Long Beach.

Boney James, a Grammy-nominated musician whose album, Send One Your Love, is one of 2009’s most successful jazz releases, was on his way home when his car got rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver on the I-405.

Boney James

“Jazz musician, Boney James, hurt in a car accident.” (photo credit: smoothjazz.es)

James, 48, suffered many injuries including a fractured jaw, a gash on his chin that required 14 stitches, and broke two of his teeth. A passerby pulled him from his car and he was rushed to the hospital.

His car was badly damaged as the suspected drunk driver was going at a high rate of speed prior to the crash.

Although there has been no word about the suspected drunken driver, Boney James has every right to file a criminal and civil case against the other driver. Also, if the driver was indeed intoxicated and speeding (not to mention that in most rear-end accidents, the driver who hit the car from behind is often deemed liable), James has every right to be compensated for the expenses he incurred as a result of the accident.

Hopefully, he gets better and his injuries do not get in the way of his career.


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