Jackass Star Ryan Dunn’s Car Accident Nightmare Not Yet Over

Although the tragic car accident that killed “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn was more than a year ago already, the nightmare it created is still not yet over.

Dunn’s parents are now being sued by the parents of the passenger, Zachary Hartwell, who likewise died at the said high speed accident involving the actor.

In their lawsuit, Hartwell’s parents claimed that Dunn was highly intoxicated when the latter crashed his Porsche in Pennsylvania back in June 2011.

According to reports, the reality star crashed his vehicle into a tree and caused it to burst into flames. Several news reports claimed that Dunn was allegedly driving at 132 mph when the accident occurred.

Under the Pennsylvania vehicle code, the legal maximum speed limit is 65 mph. As a result of the high speed car crash, both Dunn and Hartwell sustained severe injuries that eventually caused their death.

In their lawsuit, Hartwell’s parent also sued the bar, Barnaby’s of America in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where Dunn was drinking on the night before the accident occurred. According to the lawsuit, the bar exhibited negligence when it continues to serve excessive alcohol to Dunn despite his intoxication.

However, according to the bar’s manager, Dunn did not appear to be impaired before the actor left the bar.

The said lawsuit is seeking for unspecified damages, according to reports.

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