Indianapolis Champion Racer Dan Wheldon Dies in LAS Vegas Car Crash

The Indianapolis 500 champion Dan Wheldon died of his injuries after his racing car got involved in a 15-car pile up in IndyCar race at Las Vegas, according to reports on Sunday.

Reports said Wheldon was running 25th when racer vehicles spun of his way. His No. 77 car crashed into another car, slammed into a fence, and caught fire.

Rescue officials airlifted Wheldon to a local hospital, but pronounced him dead shortly after. Wheldon had a wife and two toddler sons, reports said.

Reports said at least three other racers, Pippa Mann, Power, and JR Hildebrand suffered injuries and were treated at a nearby hospital.

Police officers are still investigating the details on the cause of accident.

Wheldon has been admired as acar racer icon and a cool friend. His budding family has yet to grieve for his loss. Such grievance does not need to end in tears; his wife may assert legal action against the event organizers and recover damages.

His wife may file a wrongful death lawsuit, proving to court officials that the event organizers have failed to implement sufficient security measures to prevent such accident. The wife may show photos of the racing area, highlighting its poor safety guardrails and how the staff was unable to control the hazard.

If the wife is successful in the case, she may receive compensation for medical and funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and loss of future inheritance.

The hounding loss of a husband must not be prolonged hence the court provides relief for the wife and the children so they may regain from their suffering and start anew.

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