Houston Rockets Guard – Courtney Lee Says He Wasn’t Injured from His Car Accident

car accidentAfter a Saturday night game with the New York Knicks, the Houston Rockets guard Courtney Lee, was involved in a car accident.

As he was off a Saturday night game, Lee was struck by another vehicle. Fortunately, Lee didn’t sustain any personal injuries. However, further details about the mishap were not available until Sunday according to the Houston Police spokesperson.

In his twit, Lee posted few pictures of his wrecked car after the car mishap and he stated his gratefulness to God as well as with the Cadillac for the airbags. he credited them for saving his life and the life of the two other people close to him.

Houston Rockets spokesperson said that Lee contacted a team security guard right after the incident to tell them he is alright.

Lee scored 14 points and hit 4 steals in their 97-84 victory from their Saturday night’s game. He had started the last two games in place of their leading scorer, Kevin Martin, who was out of the game due to heel injuries.

Car accidents can be highly devastating for the victims involved. There is a huge possibility for serious injuries that a person may sustain. Lee was lucky enough not have any personal injuries from the said incident.

Investigations about who was at fault were not yet clear but based on initial reports, it seems like it was the driver of the other vehicle was the one to blame. If proven on the final investigation, Lee may seek for legal remedies available for the damages he incurred from the car accident through a lawyer like an accident attorney Los Angeles.


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