Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Dead in Car Crash

In a world where appearances matter most, a plastic surgeon is often an aging or vain celebrity’s best friend. Celeb favorite Dr. Frank Ryan will surely be missed by many people in Tinseltown after perishing in a fatal car crash in Malibu.

Dr. Frank Ryan dies in a car accident.

Dr. Frank Ryan dies in a car accident. (photo credit: allvoices.com)

Dr. Ryan, 50, who was made infamous because of the many cosmetic procedures he conducted a Heidi Montag, a “The Hills” starlet, had allegedly just finished hiking with his dog along the Pacific Coast Highway before the accident occurred.

The California Highway Patrol reported that the doctor has just posted a Twitter message minutes before his jeep veered off the road and into the ocean. According to Officer Steven Reid, it overturned down a rocky embankment and ended up on its roof.

Dr. Ryan died in the crash but his dog survived and was taken to a veterinary hospital for its serious injuries.

While the authorities have not officially determined the cause of the crash, the CHP confirmed that Dr. Ryan was texting just before the accident occurred.


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