Holiday Tips in Preventing Car Accidents

Accidents tend to register at its highest during the holidays, Christmas in particular. This is because everyone is in a rush to accomplish things before December 25. Moreover, everyone seems to have a good time on the 25th itself.

Surely, these coming holidays will not be an exception. To prevent car accidents from spoiling your Christmas vacation, the following tips may be observed:

  1. Do not drink and drive.
  2. Should you drink, designate a driver among your group or hail a taxi home.
  3. Never underestimate the power of alcohol. The fact that you are not legally drunk does not assure you of attentive driving.
  4. Always wear your seat belt.
  5. Be sure to have enough sleep or rest when driving.

The above tips are simple. In this merry month, getting into an accident should be the least of your priority.

Have a safe holiday celebration everyone!


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