Formula 1 Racer Maria De Villota Loses an Eye after Car Crash

Formula 1 racer Maria De Villota lost her right eye after a car crash that occurred during a test, reports said.

Although the Madrid native racer is now said to be in a stable condition, she remains to be in critical situation. Nevertheless, the industry considers it to be good news, considering that De Villota is becoming responsive to the treatments she has been receiving.

The 32-year-old Spaniard sustained serious face and head injury after the race car she was driving during a testing session at Duxford Airfield in Cambridgeshire, London struck the team’s truck, the Marussia.

Apparently, De Villota’s head took much of the impact from the collision. The vehicle wherein De Villota collided was the same vehicle that was used to transport her to Addenbrooke’s Hospital wherein her injuries incurred were declared as life threatening.

Marussia is usually used to transport a racing car to the airfield for a week of testing in time before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Due to the severe injuries that De Villota sustained in her face, she underwent a lengthy reconstructive procedure done by neurological and plastic surgery teams. In fact, it was Tuesday afternoon when she was sent to the operating room and it was already Wednesday morning when the procedure was done.

It was De Villota’s first time to drive team Marussia’s racing car since it was only a few months ago when she joined the team. De Villota was the sport’s first full-time female driver. Unfortunately, similar with the boxing champion, Paul “The Punisher” Williams, De Villota is more likely to lose her racing career due to a tragic accident.

At the moment, it is not yet clear why the race car suddenly accelerated and struck the team’s truck since De Villota obviously slowed at the end of the track.

Authorities said that an investigation to the incident is currently underway and that they have recently arrived at a very comprehensive analysis of what really happened.

A Los Angeles car crash attorney commented that although car accidents are not directly attributed to the priorities of the car manufacturers in making the vehicle, sometimes factory defects and mechanical failures are certainly a killer in those states that have the most number of car accidents, like in California.


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